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Return Policy



The buyer bears the costs of returning his/her order. The buyer is responsible for preparing and shipping the return shipment. For a return within the 14 days trial period - which starts after the buyer received the order - no prior contact with SILILUN is needed. SILILUN strongly advises any buyer who wants to return his/her order to choose a secured shipment method. Return shipments take place at the risk of the buyer.


Return address

Please contact us for the detail return address, since we have warehouses in different country.


Please note that in case of a broken or damaged product, a different return address may apply. The buyer should not ship back a broken or damaged product without prior contact with the customer care team (who may provide return instructions).

In case of a product that is damaged or broken upon receipt, the SILILUN customer care team must be contacted by the buyer by email within 24 hours.



Our warranty time lasts for one year.


The SILILUN warranty policy is automatically in effect upon purchase by the buyer. The two year warranty on a SILILUN watch guarantees the buyer that the product meets the standards of usabilty, reliability and durability.

The warranty does not apply:

- damages as a result of improper usage such as scratching, bouncing, falling;

- in case of inattention;

- intentional damage; or

- neglected care.

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